What is a ‘Hosted’ or ‘Cloud’ hosted phone system?

This is where some of the phone system infrastructure (the main ‘controlling’ part) is ‘hosted’ remotely off-site (or ‘in-the-Cloud’) at the suppliers premises, whilst your phones and probably a Modem/Router will still reside at your premises. You usually would also be compelled to use their ‘VoIP’ outside lines as part of the ‘arrangement’, and hence you essentially become totally committed to that one supplier for everything with regard to your outside lines and system.

They can suit some businesses, however there is a compromise whereby you lose some flexibility with feature availability, which can restrict you from being able to fine-tune the system to your business’s needs. You will need to find out what is involved if you wanted to change who is supplying your ‘outside lines’ at some point in the future.

The initial up-front investment for these systems is usually less than a ‘Premises IP PBX’, however the costs are ongoing and potentially not as controllable.

In essence to decide whether a ‘Hosted/Cloud’ or a ‘Premises IP PBX’ system would be the better option for your Company, you need to weigh up whether you prefer to have total control and ownership of your system and who looks after it, and whether you are comfortable with less features.

If you wish to retain some of your existing outside lines as well as some ‘VoIP’ (or ‘SIP’) outside lines, then you should choose a ‘Premises IP PBX’, as this enables you to use both as you transition to VoIP services at your own pace, and in line with your available broadband at any given time.

We can supply either type of system, and assist in determining which option is better for your situation.

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