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At Try Doug, our extensive 30 plus years of experience provides our Clients with a one-stop source of all information needed to make informed decisions for their telecommunications. Our absolute Guarantee to our Clients, is that whenever you contact Try Doug, you’ll always be speaking to one of our Australian based team members.

You’ll receive invaluable, honest advice on your needs, making it easier for your Company to obtain the right office phone system, phone services and plans at cost effective rates.

Whether it’s finding out about ‘VoIP’ or ‘SIP’ outside lines, or maybe the relative merits of a ‘Hosted’ (Cloud) phone system compared to a ‘Premises’ IP phone system – you have several FREE Reports available from us to help you understand exactly what they are, and the differences that you need to be aware of.

Once we have ascertained your needs, you can enjoy a 30 day FREE Trial of the system you choose (whether ‘Purchasing’ or ‘Renting’ same), providing you with total peace of mind when making your decision.

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