In addition to supplying and installing new and used office Phone Systems, we can help you with the following services:

Moving Hassles Eliminated – if you're moving premises soon, we can install your existing phone system to your new premises. What's more - at no extra cost we can organise all your new outside lines for the new premises. Would you like to take your existing phone numbers with you, even though you may be moving to a different 'Telephone Exchange' area? Now you can use our vast experience in telecommunications to ensure a smooth change-over for your business, and your staff can then concentrate on the many other aspects of moving.

Phone System Maintenance – if your system is causing you problems, our experienced Technicians can help - as we can repair faults on most systems. This can be completed on a ‘casual’ basis (‘pay-as-you-go’), or if you prefer, under a ‘Maintenance Contract’ with set charges and guaranteed response times.

Computer and Telephone Cabling – whether you need extra outlets at your existing premises, or your new premises decked out with new ‘integrated’ outlets with a Communications Cabinet, no job is too large or too small.


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